Windows 7: Learn About New Features, Improvements Using Quick Reference

John Storts
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10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 7

So what are some of the practical things to like about Windows 7?

Although an ailing economy and the lingering effects of Vista complaints (annoying UAC being a large one) have slowed the transition, Windows 7 enjoys an adoption rate bigger than that for both XP and Vista. Those numbers are poised to jump even higher, Rob Enderle reported, as midmarket CIOs have indicated that they are already preparing plans to deploy Vista in their organizations.


CustomGuide has recently uploaded a quick reference guide that gives you working knowledge of Windows 7 so you can get to work quickly once you've made the switch from a prior version of Microsoft's operating system. Unlike the much-maligned Vista, Windows 7 is an incremental update that offers improvements in performance and a user-centric focus, rather than a slew of new features.


For more information on Windows 7 features and enhancements, check out these resources from our contributors:

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