Why You Should Care About Net Neutrality

John Storts

If you've heard anything about the flap over the FCC proposal on net neutrality, or if you've skimmed over recent headlines regarding Google and Verizon's joint proposal, you may find yourself wondering why you should care.


IT Business Edge Governance and Risk blogger Lora Bentley explains why in "What is Net Neutrality Anyway?" She succinctly outlines why the issue should matter, especially to managers and other professionals working in IT. As she puts it, the final decision on net neutrality rules will:

determine what role the Internet plays in the evolution of business and technology and who has control of that process in the long run.

This document defines the principle of net neutrality and provides helpful responses to these common questions:

  • What are the basic arguments for and against?

  • Is there any chance of a compromise?

  • What is the Google-Verizon proposal?

  • Why can't the FCC just adopt regulations?


Obviously, this is a matter of great importance with a lot of high-level players weighing in, and I'm somewhat chagrined to admit I haven't paid enough attention to the issue up until this point. Bentley's concise primer, thankfully, has gotten me up to speed quickly by answering basic questions based on our ongoing coverage here at IT Business Edge.

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