Where is Application Security on Your IT Priority List?

John Storts

When discussing the IT-business relevance of application security in her Knowledge Network definition document, IT Business Edge contributor Crystal Bedell summed things up concisely:


"Network security efforts alone cannot protect applications from the many vulnerabilities that riddle code. Whether building custom applications in-house or purchasing vendor-built software, businesses should plan an application-security strategy that enforces security practices throughout the application's life cycle."


To get IT decision-makers started, she offers suggestions on how to develop that plan:


  1. Identify business assets; determine how the application(s) will use them.
  2. Identify application vulnerabilities and the threats that can exploit them.
  3. Determine appropriate countermeasures.


And that's just the start on a path to making your applications more secure, whether destined for in-house use, "the cloud" or wherever you need them to work for you.


Don't put your systems and data at risk by putting application security low on your IT to-do list. Use our helpful tools and dig into the our wealth of expert opinions and interviews to find out what other IT managers are doing and what they are thinking when it comes to keeping applications secure throughout their development and life cycles.


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