Tips for Better Password Creation and Management

John Storts
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Tips for Creating a Strong Password

Correct risky password behavior and reduce your chances of being hacked.

It's hard--and it isn't getting any easier--to keep track of all the passwords and PINs required of us for accessing our financial accounts, our computers both at work and home and all the websites we use to get things done and entertain ourselves.


But that doesn't mean that we can afford to be lazy and commit one of the biggest security transgressions most frequently identified by IT security experts: using the same password for multiple accounts and websites.


Even though warned pretty often, people still do it at an alarming rate. Just this week, Kevin Fogarty at ITworld reinforced the oft-repeated assertion that "end users are still the biggest hole in IT security." He based this on the findings of a University of Cambridge researcher, who examined the stolen password situation at and and found that between 31 and 49 percent of users reused the same password or a not-so-clever variation of the same password between those compromised sites.


To strengthen the passwords that protect your sensitive business and personal information, and to encourage others in your organization to do the same, check out these password creation and management resources from our bloggers and contributors:

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