Templates: Define Your Company BYOC Strategy

John Storts
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Seven BYOD Management Tips

There's no doubt about it: Mobile devices, whether taking the form of tablets like the iPad or Android-powered smartphones, have invaded the corporate world. These personal gadgets have won over many converts tired of lugging around company notebooks and laptops, but they've created some headaches for those responsible for securing the business assets contained in them.


Since IT has had little choice but to submit to the onslaught, proactive leaders developed policies that accommodate them without compromising data.


These policy templates contributed by Info-Tech Research Group can help you define your departmental game plan well in advance and then put measures in place to keep your network and information safe from tampering or other unauthorized access:

  • BYOC Strategy Position Template - This strategy position template will outline where current capabilities exist to support a bring-your-own-computer (BYOC) program and where improvements are needed to efficiently and securely offer the program. The goal is to ensure that a comprehensive business BYOC strategy either begins to be defined or is put on hold until capabilities are improved.

  • BYOC Acceptable Use Policy Template - This template is designed to maximize the privacy and confidentiality of business data, while allowing employees to use their own devices. Add this policy to your HR department's library of acceptable use policies.

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