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Many factors are in play during the testing phase for a product release or other deliverable. Without a structured approach that accounts for these factors, it's easy for testing to quickly become disorganized. Often, the result of shambolic testing is a product that underperforms or introduces instability.


To provide much-needed structure to the testing process, NarrowCast Group uses a Test Plan Template. This template minimizes product testing chaos by capturing essential details about the process. It requires you to define the:

  • Testing approach to be used
  • Features to be included in the product
  • Contact person and people assigned to perform testing
  • Test scheduling
  • Bug-fixing process
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Sign-off and product release procedures


This template helps us better organize our testing processes and deliver high-quality releases that "function as designed," to borrow a common phrase from a prior job as a software tester.


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