Telecommuting a Viable Model

Patrick Avery

Two of the great tools in the Knowledge Network are the Telecommuting IT Checklist and Telecommuting Calculator documents that were uploaded by IT Business Edge contributor Michael Stevens. Telecommuting is still a solid option for many businesses looking to cut heating and cooling bills, rent cost and other expenses associated with getting workers together in one place every day.


The telecommuting checklist examines the business benefits of telecommuting, thus helping IT managers "cover all the bases" for telecommuting arrangements when a designated work space at home replaces a conventional work space in an office building. This checklist argues that four primary benefits are gained from telecommuting.

  • Lower costs. Companies can save money on leasing costs, furniture and maintenance.
  • Higher productivity. There is plenty of evidence that telecommuters in many job categories are more productive working at home.
  • Access to a larger labor pool. Telecommuters can be located anywhere, making it easier to recruit for hard-to-fill positions.
  • Environmental benefits. Because it reduces the number of cars on the road, telecommuting is a green business practice that reduces a company's carbon footprint.


The telecommuting calculator gives users a quick approximation of savings opportunity with telecommuting. It is based on a business model where employees who previously worked at your facility now work at home on a full-time basis, with only occasional visits.

The multi-purpose calculator considers space, furniture, electrical and other savings and evaluates them alongside hardware, communication, client-side software and setup costs. The calculator even takes into consideration employee productivity. The resulting calculations give users an idea of how much they might save with telecommuting.

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