Start the New Year with Clean Intellectual Property

Susan Hall

The new year presents a prime time to start anew with clean IP in mind, writes Katherine Chin Quee, a legal consultant at IP management company Protecode, in a guest opinion piece. She writes:

[Recent] enforcement actions drive home the importance of taking inventory of what open source software is included in each product, what licensing obligations apply to each component, and compliance with these obligations. Open source license compliance is particularly important given the growing ubiquity of embedded computer systems. ...

She then offers a primer on some of the most frequently used open source licenses and their obligations. In the Open Source License Guide in the Knowledge Network, Quee also provides a clear and easy-to-understand chart of the obligations attached to the various licenses.


Blogger Loraine Lawson suggests an inventory of your licenses can be a way to save money, and who can pass that up?


You'll also find these resources in the Knowledge Network:


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Jan 26, 2010 5:31 AM Jerry Jerry  says:

Interesting article! Here are some tips on improving your IP Patent Management:

1) Self Service for Inventors and Service Providers

2) Have an Electronic Case Repository

3) Integrate Billing and Estimates into Workflow Processes

4) Automate Manual Operations

5) Patent Characterization

The complete explanation of each of these tips can be found on our blog post:


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