Spam Reaches Its Highest Point Ever, Report Says

Patrick Avery

Web and e-mail security provider MX Logic has uploaded its August 2009 Threat Forecast & Report to the Knowledge Network. Some of the highlights from this report include:


  • Spam volumes increased by another 27 percent month over month as compared to June and have increased 400 percent since February 2009. Additionally, spam as a percentage of overall mail has reached its highest point ever, currently accounting for 94.6 percent of all e-mail.
  • Health-related spam continues to be far and away the most prevalent type of spam. However, this month, health-related spam accounted for only 69 percent of all spam, as opposed to 77 percent in June and 71 percent in May. General offer-related spam follows a very distant second, accounting for only 10 percent of all spam e-mail.
  • There has been a decline in malware-infected e-mail traffic in the month over the past couple of months. This is noteworthy, considering the large volume of spam that was recorded; this is not to say that the usual suspects were not developing new malware. It just appears as if e-mail has, once again, fallen out of favor as a delivery method for some of the major groups, although it is being used as a primary vehicle to deliver messages that contain links to Web sites that deliver malware.


Check out the rest of the report here.

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Aug 19, 2009 4:47 AM lou lou  says:

It's a mess. Small business' who have their own newsletter programs deal with being labeled as spam and is a hassle to say the least. Yahoo in particular.


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