SMBs Should Wait to Migrate to Windows 7

Patrick Avery

While much of the world is championing Windows 7, there are still some that say you might not want to make the jump just yet. This comes largely in part due to some issues that have occurred when potential users have tried to migrate to the new OS. IT Business Edge contributor Pail Mah reccomends that small businesses wait to move to Windows 7, for now, unless you purchase a new computer with the software pre-installed.


Mah suggests there could be two stumbling blocks for a successful transition to Windows 7. One, several users have run into issues when upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7. For some, the Windows 7 upgrade stalls two-thirds of the way through, then presents a message that the upgrade has been unsuccessful. Rather than restoring Vista as promised, though, the Windows 7 setup process is triggered upon restarting, and the vicious cycle continues, Mah says.


Another reason to wait, he says, is the current lack of driver support for Windows 7. While this might not be an issue for all, it's important to test all crucial hardware to make sure it works properly before installing.


IT Business Edge contributor Ralph DeFrangesco is also holding off, saying he plans to test Windows 7 on a work computer, but he doesn't plan to load it onto his personal computer until after the first service pack is released.


For more information about Windows 7, take a look at these free documents and tools in the Knowledge Network.



There is also a premium Windows 7 Migration Toolkit available on IT Business Edge.

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Nov 2, 2009 3:59 AM eldipablo eldipablo  says:

I don't think those two issues should be enough to stop businesses from driving forward. For one, most companies never upgraded to Vista in the first place. For two, most companies would probably opt for a clean install of Win 7 than to do an in-place upgrade of a users system anyway.

As for the drivers issue, I do agree with that. Companies should have a test program in place on their hardware before doing a mass upgrade. From what I have seen though, for systems with driver issues, the Vista drivers work fine.

Jan 10, 2010 8:08 AM Rich Rich  says:

Anyone considering migrating to 7 either SMB or Enterprise should carefully consider the implications and don't expect it to be straightforward, easy or quick. Check as many forums as you can for the type of issues to expect, and look for solutions or the lack of solutions to the problems peopel are experiencing. Start with this


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