Slideshow: Get In-depth Knowledge of Cloud Fundamentals, Security

John Storts
Slide Show

Five Best Practices for Cloud Security

Tips on how to better secure your cloud computing environment.

The NIST's "Effectively Using and Securing the Cloud Computing" PowerPoint presentation provides an in-depth resource for understanding the history, technology and major forces at work in the cloud computing industry, while simultaneously encouraging a sense of the importance of sound security measures to success.


While it's by no means exhaustive, the NIST presentation offers a concise, high-level discussion of the benefits of the cloud, as well as the requirements necessary for secure and effective use of cloud solutions and technologies. The slideshow is broken into two main parts. The first part, "Effective and Secure Use," covers:

  • The NIST definition of cloud computing
  • General cloud security
  • Paths to cloud migration
  • Publications covering cloud issues
  • The need for standards


The second half of the slideshow, "Cloud Resources, Case Studies, and Security Models," includes:

  • Cloud insights from industry experts
  • Explanation of foundational cloud technologies
  • Case studies and security models


Use this presentation to get up to speed quickly on major cloud computing principles, building blocks, security challenges and industry players.

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