Skip Luck and Plan for IT Service Quality

Susan Hall

In their new book, "Achieving IT Service Quality: The Opposite of Luck," co-authors and IT experts Chris Oleson, Mike Hagan and Christophe DeMoss make clear that service quality has nothing to do with luck -- it's all a matter of preparedness and proven methods. You can read an excerpt entitled "The Seven Deadly Sins of IT Operations (And How to Avoid Them)," that has been uploaded to the Knowledge Network.


IT Business Edge blogger Ann All has written a lot about IT infrastructure Library (ITIL) and recently interviewed Patrick Bolger, chief marketing officer of Hornbill, a provider of service-management software.


Addressing the importance of having top-level buy-in for IT best practices, Bolger said:

One of the difficult things for an organization to make progress with ITIL is securing backing from the business. Even within IT itself, I think you have a culture that's resistant to change. 'We've always done it this way, so why should we change how we are doing it?' And from IT's customers within the organization, if they can shout loudly enough and get something today, then why would they want to do something that may make them wait longer to get access to an application?

If you're looking for other resources on IT best practices, look no further than the Knowledge Network. Among the documents you'll find there:

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