Sharpen Your Project Management Skills

John Storts
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Top 10 Project Management Trends for 2011

Even small projects have many moving parts, whether we're talking about a complicated product with a large number of components or how many stakeholders are involved in getting the work done.


Thanks to the resources uploaded by our contributors, we can help you take a project from start to finish, from defining the scope of the project, maintaining solid lines of communication among team members, identifying risks and keeping track of milestones to managing subcontracts and closing the project out.


Check out the templates, policies, book excerpts and other tools listed below to improve your methods for keeping projects under control and increase your chances for success.


'A Beginner's Guide to Project Management' Excerpt

Detailed Project Planning Flow Chart

Project Risk Plan

Project Status Template

Project Management Subcontracts Checklists

Master Project Management Checklist Template

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Jan 25, 2011 10:19 AM Matthew Matthew  says:

A good article and some great resources you've included.

It's a great thing that you're enforcing the idea of 1. Project management and 2. Proper project management.

Too often people ignore something so basic, and pay for the poor results at project end (or sometimes even long before).

Thanks for posting, glad I came across your site.


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