Select the Right Videoconferencing Solution Vendor

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Why Videoconferencing Is the Right Choice

The ability to engage in videoconferencing offers a multitude of benefits and is widely utilized by firms both large and small.

Info-Tech Research Group uploaded an RFP template that can make selecting a videoconferencing solution vendor a more organized affair.


Once your requirements are stable and you intend to buy, you should issue an RFP to solicit responses from vendors. The Videoconferencing Solution RFP Template is designed to assist you in making your final selection after determining your selection criteria, rather than developing a shortlist of vendors.


The template brings better organization and thoroughness by breaking down necessary parts of the RFP into key sections, including those that cover:

  • Statement of Work
  • Instructions for Preparing the Proposal
  • Specifications, Requirements and Scope of Work
  • Budget and Estimated Pricing
  • Vendor References and Qualifications


As more businesses make use of videoconferencing solutions, this template can make selecting a final vendor an easier process.


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