Security Through the Eyes of Business, Consumer and Government Interests

Patrick Avery

IT Business Edge contributor Ralph DeFrangesco asks his readers, in his latest blog post, why do we have security? DeFrangesco answers that question himself through the perspectives of a business, a consumer and the government.


For businesses, he says, security is a must if you hope to maintain an excellent reputation. A security breach, particularly several disturbances, could result in the company's stock with clients taking a tumble. He concludes that it is in the best interest of a business to obtain the best security measures it can afford.


Consumers, on the other hand, don't care about what a company can afford. They want the best security, regardless of cost. If a business does not have a solid reputation when it comes to security, they move on to the next one.


Which leaves the government. It wants and needs businesses to protect their own and their consumers' data, but also gets pressure from industry lobbyists to ease up on regulations.


Are these, in fact, the primary reasons behind security decisions? How do you weigh the risks?


Why do YOU have security measures at your business? Join the discussion in the Knowledge Network discussion forum.

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