Safely Roll Out New Software, Hardware Using Release Management Plan

John Storts
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Why IT Projects Fail

Early warning signs to help you recognize and address problems before catastrophic failure occurs.

When releasing new software or hardware into your organization's live or production environment, it's important that you protect the live system while those new items are being implemented. The Release Management Plan template provides a structured approach to rolling out new software or hardware configuration items to prevent the live system from being negatively impacted.


This plan template helps you manage all areas of the build release process from beginning to end, including:


Create a release management plan to help your company produce quick and accurate release builds and keep everything running smoothly.


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Dec 4, 2011 5:41 AM Malinda Hartwig Malinda Hartwig  says:

Yes, in my opinion it's all about protecting the system. I became obsessed with it. Malware files, viruses, they are all a nightmare for me. My kids use to download a lot of things and that's why my computer is a mess most of the times. I always use the best registry cleaner and antivirus software.


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