Resume Faux Pas: Yahoo CEO Should Read Jeff Havens' 'How to Get Fired!'

John Storts
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Twelve Points to Leave Off Your Resume

IT pundits' fingers, both for typing and wagging, are working overtime, weighing in on Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson's resume "mistake." Apparently, Thompson has been listing himself as having both accounting and computer science degrees from Boston's Stonehill College.


The problem is that Stonehill records Thompson as only receiving "a bachelor of science degree in business administration with a major in accounting," as a Yahoo spokesperson explained, calling this an "inadvertent error." Yet, Yahoo didn't disclose the information on its own. It took an angry letter from disgruntled Yahoo investor Third Point to bring this to light.


While Yahoo rallies - for now - around Thompson with favorable, supportive comments expressing the company's confidence, there's no doubt that the Internet company's doing damage control behind the scenes.


The outcome remains unclear, and CEO ethics and resume doctoring have come under intense scrutiny. In Thompson's case, whether he loses his job or not, someone should give him Jeff Havens' book "How to Get Fired! The New Employee's Guide to Perpetual Unemployment."


From my prior blog post, Havens outlines one of the Four Pillars of Poverty: Fake Your Resume:

Havens describes the Top 10 ways that people earn that pink slip. High on that list is fabricating or embellishing resume items. Learn how to "manufacture a resume impressive enough to land a job to get fired from." Havens' tongue-in-cheek how-to's explain exactly what to do earn your walking papers so you can avoid getting them.

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