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Patrick Avery

Time tracking -- measuring employee output against the hours and minutes spent on work-related tasks -- can save money through better allocation of workers in organizations where people are the primary resource. Info-Tech Research Group has uploaded a research note, entitled "Time Tracking - A Secret to Cost Reduction" to the Knowledge Network that addresses this topic.


Info-Tech has several other research documents in the Knowledge Network on staffing and budgeting issues. Here are a few of them:


Agile Workforce Research Note

Economic hardship can quickly cut already lean IT headcounts down to sub-minimum levels. Adopting an agile approach to work force management is way to more with less during times of change and uncertainty. This research note discusses how to develop an agile work force to meet the demands of the new economy.


How to Not Be a Victim of Downsizing

Many IT professionals and executives will be faced with a company merger, acquisition, divestiture or downsizing at least once in their career. It is an unnerving event when your career future is in question. While there is no silver bullet to ensure employment with the newly merged company, there are several steps you can take to improve the chances of remaining gainfully employed.


Redefining Job Roles Research Note

IT departments can be reorganized for a variety of reasons. When that reason is downsizing due to cost reductions, the required changes can be drastic and stressful. This research note addresses logical entry points into the role redefinition and reorganization process; taking a skills-grouping approach for thorough results; forming balanced roles and reporting structures; and recommendations for role transition.

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