Project Management Workbook, Capacity Planning Tools Tame Complex Projects

John Storts

IT managers looking to maintain a firm grasp on their projects should take a look at the Project Management Templates Workbook provided by IT Business Edge contributor IAPPM. This collection of more than 20 templates contains resources applicable to team members, sponsors and other stakeholders in addition to management.


Templates in the workbook include:


Minicharter-Use as a charter for small projects or a summarization of a full charter for larger projects.


Stoplight Report-Use this status report to keep sponsors, team members and stakeholders informed of project progress.


Budget-Use this worksheet to track original budget, expenditures to date and any cost variance.


Cost/Benefit Analysis (CBA)-Use to review the proposed project and potential alternatives and make a project selection based on a greater ROI (return on investment).


Risks-Use to identify, qualify, quantify and prioritize risks (events that might happen; the uncertainty of a project), create mitigation and contingency plans, and assign risk owners.


Roster-Use to provide contact information for all involved on the project.


Geoff Crane of Papercut Edge and Papercut Project Monitoring provided two new management tools to complement his previous Project Knowledge Area Self-Assessment spreadsheet. While the Self-Assessment aims to eliminate knowledge gaps in the project team, the two most recent tools target capacity planning. The Capacity Planning for Multiple Projects Worksheet helps IT managers avoid maxing out project resources and the resulting costly overtime. Use the Capacity Planning for Repetitive Tasks Worksheet to determine capacity for workers who perform many repetitive tasks.


Don't be overwhelmed by complex projects. The Knowledge Network continues to add tools, templates and calculators to help track and monitor nearly every dimension, from start to finish.


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