Project Concepts: Starting Off Right

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Project Prioritization Steps

Before you can truly prioritize a business initiative, you have to know the cost and how it will meet business requirements, among other criteria.

You feel you have a good handle on your IT group's project management process, and you're ahead of the curve as far as coming in on time and on budget. It's definitely time for congratulations. But you have this nagging belief that the process would still be improved if projects were more fully defined and justified at the beginning, instead of those gaps being filled in along the way.


It takes trial and error, and usually a lot of good people skills, to get an entire organization on board with a new or altered project initiation process. If you can sell it, though, you'll save yourself a mountain of work.


The less intimidating you can make the process and the forms, the better. This Project Concept Form, recently uploaded to the IT Downloads library by Toolkit Cafe, isn't too complicated, but can be used for the initial organization of the project's perceived business need, strategic direction, applicability to existing organizational needs and deficiencies, and alternative solutions.


As you check out this form and evaluate whether it has the potential to clarify the decision-making process around project approvals, you may want to also consider these forms and tools, all available in IT Downloads:


Project Tracking Tool: Break it down into manageable components.


Project Meeting Follow-up Template: Communicate meeting results to stakeholders.


IT Status Report Template: Keep support from flagging and demonstrate IT's value.

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