PowerPoint for Mac 2011: Know Your Way Around 'The Ribbon'

John Storts
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Microsoft made significant changes to the Mac-flavored version of PowerPoint between its last release (2008) to 2011. While the menu bar commands (Apple menu, File, Edit and so on) remain the same in terms of name and placement, many other interface elements have been moved or reorganized. Thanks to the introduction of the ribbon to the Mac, PowerPoint behaves much like its Windows counterpart, giving you improved access to your frequently used tools.


Whether you're a PP vet making the move to the latest version or a newcomer, CustomGuide's quick reference to PowerPoint for Mac 2011 gives you all the information you need to get to work.


This handy tip sheet, designed as part of training coursework, orients users to the main PowerPoint screen elements, including the menu bar, the standard toolbar, outline pane, view buttons and status bar. The quick ref covers:

  • Keyboard shortcuts for opening, saving, printing, closing and inserting new slides
  • Creating new presentations, applying slide layouts and themes
  • Saving and opening presentations
  • Changing the toolbox
  • Formatting text
  • Choosing and changing views
  • Adding animation, creating self-running presentations
  • Inserting and drawing graphics and more


One more thing: There's not a trace of Max or Clippy to be found.

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