Paper Reduction Checklist Counts off Steps for Greener Businesses

Patrick Avery

As a complement to the Green IT Paper Reduction Calculator, IT Business Edge contributor Michael Stevens has uploaded aPaper Reduction Checklist. The checklist helps users cover all the bases when looking at ways to reduce paper usage. For instance, one of the first steps is to plan your tactics for reduction and to explore specific ways for reducing usage.


Tactics Stevens suggests include:


  • Duplex printing. Setting printers so that the default option is duplex (two-sided) printing.
  • eForms. Replacing paper forms with e-forms. This technology is mature, inexpensive, user-friendly and broadly applicable to business procedures, from employment applications to purchasing requisitions.
  • eFax. Switch from using a conventional fax machine to computer-based e-faxing. (But don't automatically print out every fax as it arrives!)
  • Weight reduction. Changing the weight of paper that's used on a regular basis, e.g., changing laser printer paper stock from 20 lb. to 16 lb. Note that this may not work if you implement duplex printing, as duplex printing on 16 lb. bond may create legibility problems.


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