Online Privacy? Can't Be Expected, Should Be Protected

John Storts

When asked, "Is online privacy dead?" BigFix CTO Amrit Williams opined to IT Business Edge's Lora Bentley:

Online privacy may not be completely dead, but a prudently paranoid person would assume that they have no privacy and conduct themselves accordingly. It's not so much that evil hackers or big brother are watching your every move, but almost any personal data revealed via the Internet has some value to someone, often in ways that are impossible to anticipate.

While opinions vary as to the relative "health" of privacy online, it seems like common sense (as opposed to prudent paranoia) to adopt an informed, offensive posture when guarding sensitive information, especially when it comes to business information. Everybody isn't out to get you, but there are serious threats (hackers, phishers, malware etc.) that put your personal and professional data at risk, so you would be wise to prepare yourself.


Lora also heard from founder Nicole Donnelly, who put privacy matters in a more upbeat, proactive and empowering light:

Online privacy is as alive as you want it to be. With the expectation of transparency so prevalent, you have the option to choose how much you want to disclose.

As an IT decision-maker, it's up to you to assess the risks and benefits of the interconnected tools your employees use to get work done. The Internet and social media are part of that tool set, and privacy becomes an issue with their widespread use. Get yourself and your staff up to speed on privacy matters by checking out our related definitions, slideshows and blogs. Don't let something as simple as a poorly constructed password give away your sensitive business information.


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