New Employee Tool Estimates Overall Cost Impact

Patrick Avery

As the recession eases, which some economists believe it is doing right now, companies will begin to hire new employees. But the cost of a new employee's salary is not the only expense to consider. There are additional computer, telecommunications, training, health care and infrastructure costs associated with bringing in a new worker.


Recruiting new employees should be preceded by a clear understanding of the full costs of current employees in relation to those of each new hire. This New Employee Cost Calculator is designed to help IT decision makers determine the immediate and ongoing costs of adding new users.


For more new and existing employee planning, check out this Salary Planning Template. This tool helps you plan your department's salary adjustments for the year. Typically, a company will give you a raise pool as a percentage of your department's current salary. You then have the flexibility to allocate raises based on each person's performance and contribution to the company.

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