LinkedIn, Other Social Networks Yield Recruiting Results

Patrick Avery

Ann All recently wrote about companies that use Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks as a recruitment tool. Ann profiled four companies that had varying degrees of success with online recruiting.


The most successful tool for these companies has been posting jobs on LinkedIn. Interactive marketing agency Organic has experienced the most success thus far with LinkedIn, which the company's executive director of talent Tracy Cote calls "the single most valuable recruiting tool that I have ever encountered."


Organic often uses LinkedIn in tandem with other channels, says Cote, finding a potential hire on LinkedIn and then following them on Twitter to engage them in conversation before even mentioning a job opening, for example.

"LinkedIn may not be as sexy or as fun as Twitter but many, many people are out there and it's really easy to find folks, see what their background is, and get in touch with them that way."

Marketing firm Blue Door Consulting also has had success with LinkedIn, particularly when seeking those with communication and technology skills.


Heidi Strand, a partner in the marketing consulting firm, says:

"Would it be as effective for a company hiring a press operator for the shop floor? Probably not. Social media channels are not yet for every job posting or company.


"My sense is that LinkedIn will continue to grow as a tool for recruitment and should be considered in any recruitment plan at this time. However, by itself as a company's sole recruitment tool, it is probably still insufficient."

What is your company's policy or strategy towards social network recruiting? We plan to take your thoughts and put together a guide to recruiting on social networks and post it in the Knowledge Network. So please send your thoughts, concerns, ideas and complaints about social network recruiting.

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