Lessening Risks Posed by Removable Storage Devices

John Storts
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Five Tips for Securing Sensitive Customer Data

Data tokenization combined with corporate security office best practices may have prevented the world's largest email breach.

Removable media offer a lot of convenience when it comes to providing the flexibility we need to take files with us wherever we might need to work. Portable hard disk drives, CDs, DVDs, memory cards and USB drives have become staples.


But, for all of that convenience and portability, these devices represent significant security risks. Data that should remain confidential or kept private can end up "walking out the door," and thumb drives, in particular, can be a vector for spreading malware to the network. In addition, software copied to these devices could violate copyright licensing laws.


To keep sensitive information out of the wrong hands, protect your network from malware and avoid running afoul of the law, you should create an acceptable use policy that deals specifically with how your employees are to use removable storage devices.


Info-Tech Research Group's policy template puts you on the fast track to getting use under control. The policy addresses a list of threats to, or related to, the use of these devices when working with enterprise data, including:

  • Loss
  • Theft
  • Copyright violation
  • Spyware and Malware
  • Compliance


Creating your own policy from this template allows you and your employees to enjoy the perks of using removable media while keeping everyone aware of how to use them appropriately when working with enterprise resources.


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