Knowledge Network Items You May Have Missed: Project Management, TEM Tools

Patrick Avery

Here are a few great Knowledge Network tools you might have missed the first time around. Make sure to take this opportunity to give them a try.


Personnel Performance Appraisal Template

The purpose of a performance appraisal is often to give feedback on performance to employees; identify employee training needs; document criteria used to allocate organizational rewards; and form a basis for personnel decisions: salary increases, promotions and disciplinary actions. This template gives companies a sample pattern on which to base its own evaluation form.


Data Warehousing ETL Checklist

ETL-Extract, Transform and Load-is the process by which data from multiple systems is consolidated, typically in a data warehouse, so that executives can obtain a comprehensive picture of business functions, such as the relationships between marketing campaigns, sales, production and distribution. This checklist looks at the important points regarding this complex process.


Tiered-Storage Savings Calculator

The purpose of this tiered-storage spreadsheet is to provide a quick approximation of your savings opportunity if you switch from your current storage deployment to a more rigorous tiered approach.


Project Management Guidebook

This guide is designed to simplify the management processes required to manage a project successfully from end to end. It defines project management in simple terms and provides you with all of the documentation tools required to make your project a success.


Telecom Expense-Management Calculator

The benefits of TEM often extend beyond savings on the corporate phone bill. By carefully tracking contracts and use, TEM can spotlight areas where contracts should be modified to eliminate unnecessary costs such as vendor penalties associated with over- or under-use. This calculator can help.

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