Knowledge Network Documents for August 10 - 14, 2009

Patrick Avery

Summer is hot and so are these documents that were uploaded to the Knowledge Network this week.


Guidelines on Electronic Mail Security

This document addresses the security issues of mail servers and mail clients, including Web-based access to mail.


Security Considerations for Voice Over IP Systems

This publication explains the challenges of VoIP security for agency and commercial users of VoIP, and outlines steps needed to help secure an organization's VoIP network. VoIP security considerations for the public switched telephone network (PSTN) are largely outside the scope of this document.


Using Wireless Technology Securely

This guide highlights threats, and explains what you need to know to use wireless safely, both in the home and in public.


Malware Tunneling in IPv6

IPv6 can be misused to deliver malware in a way that eludes detection by firewalls or intrusion detection systems (IDS) not configured to recognize IPv6 traffic. This problem can be amplified in cases where malware is used to reconfigure vulnerable hosts to allow IPv6 traffic. This guide addresses minimizing risks associated with malware tunneling in IPv6.


IT Staffing Worksheet

This tool will help you map all of your employees to the roles they perform, compare your staffing levels to results from Info-Tech's staffing surveys, identify where your organization is experiencing a staffing shortfall, and estimate the number of resources you need to meet present or future workloads.


IT Salary Worksheet

An understanding of the "true" cost of hiring a new employee is necessary for evaluating the ROI of a new hire. This tool can help.


Business Sheet Analysis Tool

Balance sheets contain valuable information on a company's profitability and financial health that an IT professional should know. Use this tool to analyze key ratios from an enterprise balance sheet, including financial strength ratios and efficiency ratios.


New Hire Business Case Template

The new hire business case will help to make a more informed hiring decision. Even organizations that do not require a formal business case will benefit from considering and documenting the factors influencing the hiring decision.

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