Knowledge Network Book Excerpt Helps IT Managers 'Overcome Resistance to the Cloud'

John Storts
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Deploying Applications in the Cloud

While there's more talk than actual use of cloud computing in the enterprise, a Zeus Technology survey looks at the beginnings of a major shift under way. Clear expectations and planning can improve your experience and near-term success.

We've recently added a book excerpt to the Knowledge Network that focuses specifically on helping managers:


. Understand the benefits of cloud computing.

. Create a cloud strategy.

. Set a leadership example for handling cloud-related issues.


Charles Babcock's book, "Management Strategies for the Cloud Revolution," also illustrates how cloud-based strategies can reduce costs and improve the company bottom line.


Our excerpt, "Overcoming Resistance to the Cloud," examines reasons why top executives have resisted the cloud based solely on its name, explains technical issues that slow cloud adoption and critiques the proprietary lock-in that threatens to stifle open source cloud initiatives.


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