Keep Your Database Free from SQL Injection Attacks

John Storts
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Emerging Security Concerns in 2011

As the barriers to hacking are removed, the number of hackers will rise and the hunt will be on for the quickest route to the biggest payouts.

SQL injection attacks have become a hot topic again, following Computerworld's report that suffered such an attack this week. This kind of attack, one of the most well-known and dangerous but least understood, was used to breach the security of Oracle's customer website, exposing usernames and, in some cases, passwords.


To protect your databases, check out our excerpt from Justin Clarke's "SQL Injection Attacks and Defense." The excerpt explains in detail exactly what an SQL injection is and how it works so you can take appropriate steps to minimize vulnerability.


You should also take a look on our password creation and management resources, since these "stolen passwords" lists often expose users' lackadaisical attitudes towards creating hard-to-break passwords. These sample policies and policy templates can make sure that weak passwords don't compromise data security:

Password Policy Template

Enterprise Password Management Guide

Sample Password Policy

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