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Mastering the skill of change management is key for project managers and IT managers. Make the controls too tight, and you choke off progress and frustrate the team. Make the controls too loose, and you risk facing a project that is off balance for deadlines, budget, resource allocation, or some combination of all of those. A bit of trial and error is inevitable, sometimes varying from project to project and team to team.


A Change Request Form Template from Toolkit Cafe has just been added to the IT Downloads library, and might be an appropriate form for your team to use. If not, it can be easily modified to your requirements.


With the form, the requestor indicates the nature of the change, an impact assessment that can be as detailed as you require, and a suggested solution or alternative, if appropriate. The project manager completes the form with a description of the chosen disposition of the situation and an approval. If you keep it brief, change request forms can be kept to one page.


For more on change management, check out Michael Taylor's downloadable Change Control Process Flow Chart, as well. Sometimes a visual like this one can express the importance of a disciplined approach more effectively than repeated instructions.

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