Job Description Templates Help Companies Start from Scratch

Patrick Avery

The Dow Jones Industrial Average supplanting 10,000 indicates a psychological breakthrough that's worth cheering after the demoralizing crash that preceded it, U.S. New and World Report columnist Rick Newman points out in a recent column. But a larger question is whether the job market will hitch onto the coattails of the stock market, with companies starting to hire as their fortunes improve, he says.


Regardless, companies should begin taking a look at the positions they would like to fill and begin strategically thinking about that position's potential responsibilities and duties.


The Knowledge Network has dozens of job description templates that can help a company start from scratch and create a solid job description. Info-Tech Research Group has uploaded a generic Job Description Template for those wanting something very general.


Here are some of the more popular ones.


Job Description: Business Intelligence Specialist

Job Description: Chief Information Officer

Job Description: Chief Technology Officer

Job Description: Project Manager

Job Description: Disaster Recovery Administrator

Job Description: Software Engineer

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May 25, 2011 2:56 AM Gerry Gerry  says:

Job description templates are so important.

The Position Title pertains to the title of the job position. It is also necessary to have the titles different from one another to avoid any complicated issues in the future. Next is the Employment Type which determines whether the position is full-time or contractual.

The Position Purpose and Core Responsibilities should also be included. However, these two differ from each other because the latter defines the main responsibilities of the position while the other gives the general reason of the position. The required education and skills should also be included in the job description.

Great Article!




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