IT Job Shadow Programs Increase Role Knowledge, Empathy

John Storts
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10 Steps to Improve Productivity

Tips to help improve your productivity while reducing your stress.

Have you ever been frustrated with the IT department when business-critical applications crash, when services are out or when the network just seems painfully slow? Or, if you're a member of that IT department, have you ever been annoyed that everyone seems to think you can just sort every mess out in a matter of seconds? Maybe, on top of that, you're tired of everybody directing their ire at you every time Outlook misbehaves, when a different person is responsible for handling Microsoft application issues.


Org charts are helpful when it comes to identifying the basics of who handles what in what department, but a deeper understanding of the details of each member's duties and responsibilities can make life easier (and more efficient) for everyone. On top of that, a good, down-in-the-trenches look at the work others do can help you better understand the business and, just maybe, engender patience and empathy when things go wrong.


Creating this understanding and fostering this empathy are two of the main goals of Melbourne Internal Medicine Associates' (MIMA) IT Job Shadowing Program. The policy that guides this program, which MIMA has contributed to IT Downloads, allows IT personnel to gain knowledge of the roles and responsibilities held by other staff members in order to:


Use MIMA's policy as a template for your organization's efforts to increase productivity, boost morale and promote a greater awareness of both specific job duties and shared organizational goals.

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