iPad 2 'Cheat Sheet' Can Get You Out of Trouble

John Storts
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Just a few days ago, I got a call from an old friend who was, for lack of a better phrase, freaking out. A newly minted attorney, she had been singled out for her alleged IT prowess (she'd been a technical writer in a former "life") and tasked with training the more seasoned, (self-admitted) less gadget-savvy lawyers on Apple's iPad 2.


Part of the rationale behind the sizable investment was to reduce paper consumption in the office. Anyone who has set foot in a lawyer's office knows that paper and toner must be a significant operating cost for most firms (true story: my wife, a law librarian, works with a gentleman who had to occupy a second office because he could no longer cram any file boxes on the desk, floor or shelves).


While this brand-new barrister rang me up for a completely different reason, she mentioned her predicament in passing, about to move on to the topic at hand. I interjected, politely, to explain that I had recently uploaded a great resource on just that tablet - CustomGuide's Quick Reference on the iPad 2. Such sweet serendipity, no?


Thinking I might be able to help her put together her training presentation with a minimum of wailing and teeth-gnashing, I rattled off a small list of the info the quick reference covers:

  • Hardware features, like the front-facing camera, home screen, home button, multi-touch screen, sleep/wake button
  • Gestures, such as swiping, tapping, flicking and dragging
  • Descriptions of the included apps, like Calendar, Messages, Mail and Safari


I'm happy to say my efforts paid off. Her presentation was a success, and I'm pretty sure she scored many brownie points since she pulled everything together in a short time. It's satisfying to know that my work in IT Downloads is directly helping someone.


The next time I get myself into trouble, I know exactly who to call.

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