Improve VDI Project Organization with Charter Template

John Storts
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Desktop Virtualization and the Death of the PC

It may simply be a question of "when" not "if" a range of mobile computing devices displaces the PC.

While others in the IT industry either champion VDI's merits or bemoan its shortcomings, as our own Arthur Cole has watched interest wax and wane, your organization may have already committed resources to getting an initiative off the ground. This is where IT Business Edge's IT Downloads comes in to help you organize your project.


Info-Tech Research Group's VDI Project Charter Template, available as a free download, provides guidance on making efficient and effective resource decisions, while also communicating pertinent details on the project purpose, scope and project parameters. This way, no one should be out of the loop when it comes to developments, dependencies, responsibilities and deadlines. The charter is treated as a "living document" that must be updated regularly to maintain accuracy and add value to the project team, from pilot to implementation.


The template provides example text regarding a fictional company that looks to implement VDI to replace costly, take-home laptops with thin clients, and each section's purpose is described in detail. All roles, personnel and responsibilities are captured.


Use this project charter to develop a framework that future decisions can be based on, to focus and organize the entire VDI implementation process.

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