Hiring Your First Mobile Tech Project Manager

In your ideal IT organization, would you have at least one staffer who could devote 100 percent of his or her time to mobile device management? Judging by the growing focus on this area over the past year, it has probably been considered in many annual budget planning sessions.


To a certain degree, "management" of some or all mobile devices has developed organically into a user-based set of tasks, at least up until the most dire or complicated scenarios. If that's been your department's experience, it may or may not be meeting the challenge, especially if your company is lucky enough to be experiencing growth right now. And whether that approach can work in the longer term also depends on both its technical success and its cultural success. IT Business Edge's Carl Weinschenk wrote:

The ability of IT departments to transform techie-type people into personnel capable of tending to the needs of a wide sea of devices and their sensitive owners will be important to watch.

One of the new documents available for download in the IT Downloads library is a Mobile Technologies Project Manager job description from G.1440, and it may help your department more quickly hire or train staff to oversee this growing management and support area. The description is written for a consultant position, with the option of becoming full time, but you can of course modify it to your specifications. The desired candidate for this type of position will likely be responsible for creation, syndication, rollout and support for projects leveraging mobile technology. This description mentions a focus on iPads in particular, but again, your dominant or preferred devices may differ.


Possible projects for such a project manager could include:


  • Management, tracking, deployment of company-owned devices
  • Videoconferencing solutions
  • Development of custom applications for targeted devices

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