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10 Elements to Look for to Identify Agile Enterprise Integration Software

Recognizing the need for a consistent management process when undertaking agile software development projects, Info-Tech Research Group has uploaded a helpful template to guide you.


The Agile Software Development Process Guide template identifies the various phases associated with a project, such as Initiation and Daily Scrums, and provides a checklist to ensure that each stakeholder completes the tasks they are responsible for, from planning all the way to deployment. The checklist includes editable areas where you can list, describe, provide comments and note status for the various tasks associated with the software development initiative.


Bring consistency and accountability to your agile development process using this customizable guide.

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Jan 10, 2011 4:15 AM XebiaLabs XebiaLabs  says:

Thanks for putting out this template to help with Agile software development projects! Another tool that has proven to be extremely helpful for those involved in Agile projects is deployment automation. All types of automation can help speed up projects by eliminating hands-on work, but deployment automation is especially helpful for Agile projects because it eliminates the stress of a backlog of deliverables for operations teams, which is quite common in Agile organizations due to the more frequent iterations. Have you seen many companies using deployment automation to help with agile software development projects in conjunction with the suggestions you offer in this template?


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