Green Tech: Prioritize Tasks, Determine Savings Using Checklist, Calculators

John Storts

Checklists are handy for keeping track of milestones, organizing tasks and setting priorities. The Knowledge Network contains a variety of checklists to help IT decision-makers manage and account for many "moving parts," whether for a project or for the entire business.


Since I've recently written about virtualization and other "green" data center strategies, it's an opportune time to highlight a popular, comprehensive checklist that aims to increase energy efficiency by reducing consumption in areas common to most data centers.


The Green Data Center Energy-Efficiency Checklist


To meet new, "green" IT requirements, every aspect of data center operation must be reviewed for energy efficiency. There is significant room for improvement in most data centers. This checklist from Michael Taylor covers areas that will most likely need attention, including airflow management, chiller adjustments and equipment upgrades.


Michael Stevens has also uploaded several related calculators to help you determine potential cost savings by virtualizing the data center, scheduling server downtimes, and decommissioning servers that aren't performing useful work.


Green Data Center Calculator - Virtualization


Estimate a data center's carbon footprint using this calculator. The calculator gives a quick approximation of the expected results from server virtualization -- installing software that enables multiple applications to run on a single server, thus reducing the total number of servers in the data center.


Green Data Center Calculator - Scheduled Server Power-Down


To power down or not? That's the question many IT departments ponder at the end of every workday or weekend. The accompanying Green Data Center calculator gives users a quick approximation of the results you can expect from a temporary power-down strategy -- powering down servers that are not required 24/7 (such as servers executing backup software) on a scheduled basis using technology such as Wake-on-LAN.

Green Data Center Calculator - Comatose


Get a quick approximation of the expected from decommissioning "comatose" servers -- servers no longer performing useful work while still consuming power.


Use the checklist and calculators to help reduce energy consumption and increase savings. Check back frequently with the Knowledge Network for more resources IT managers can use to "green" data centers.

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