Get Trustworthy Guidance on Agile Leadership from 'Management 3.0' Excerpt

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In "Management 3.0: Leading Agile Developers, Developing Agile Leaders," author Jurgen Appelo posits that management takes the lion's share of blame for holding back agile development, but he pads that assertion by acknowledging the lack of reliable guidance for agile management.


Appelo provides this much-needed guidance in his book. He explains how to get past "old-school" management practices that over-rely on control and avoid recent fads so you can lead, manage and develop an agile team or organization.


Our excerpt, "How to Grow Structure," looks at the ways managers can improve organizational agility by:


  • Defining the characteristics of team members and assess team sizes
  • Reviewing job titles to make sure they are wide enough to cover necessary roles
  • Making sure that teams are structured such that they are cross-functional and beneficial to developing leadership
  • Examining management roles to ensure they fit with the organizational style and add value
  • Developing social skills that keep people engaged and nurture good relationships


Use Appelo's recommendations and tools to create and maintain an agile organizational structure.


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Thank so much. Can't wait for the full version.


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