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Project Prioritization Steps

Before you can truly prioritize a business initiative, you have to know the cost and how it will meet business requirements, among other criteria.

We've got a simple template that can help you justify a new project and get the go-ahead from management or prioritization committees. The Project Proposal Template, which we developed and use in-house for our own projects, is a three-page template that covers the basics of top-level project justification.


While larger projects should also include more intensive financial projections, the key points included in our template should be enough to garner support from approvers for smaller proposed projects so that the next steps of drawing up formal business requirements and functional specs can begin.


The basic form includes these key points:

  • Business needs to be met by the proposed project
  • High-level functionality envisioned by the business
  • Post-launch operational considerations and costs
  • Key assumptions and corresponding risks
  • Sign-off by projects sponsors and key members of management


Our template pulls together basic, key information, which brings a level of organization that increases chances for project approval. It works for us, and we hope it works for your new project initiatives, too.


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