Get a Detailed Look at the TCO of Your Storage Options

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is often frowned on as a financial metric for IT. IT evangelists, in particular, favor metrics like Return on Investment (ROI) that speak to a technology's ability to increase revenues and transform the business.


But for some backbone capacities, most notably storage, the best way to evaluate a project remains how to deliver needed functionality at the lowest possible cost.


The Storage Acquisition TCO Comparison Tool, from our partners at Info~Tech Research Group, gives you a deep modeling framework to evaluate your next storage consolidation or acquisition project. The tool is available for free download to IT Business Edge members here in our IT Downloads library.


The Excel-based tool anticipates that you have already done quite a bit of research and asks you to input a wide range of data about your options, as you can see in the image below.



You compare two options - either two new storage solutions or your current configuration vs. a new system - on these cost criteria:


  • Hardware
  • Software and Integration
  • Facilities
  • Other variable costs

The tool gets fairly detailed, asking you to differentiate between power and cooling costs for servers and chassis. You will also need to know the usability rate on the proposed solutions, which dramatically impacts key financial metrics. The tool comes complete with a fully populated example use case, to help clarify any questions you might have.


After you have completed your data entry, you'll see your two options evaluated in two models: Cumulative TCO and Cost-per-TB, which you can see in the image below.



Cost-per-TB is a useful metric to keep in mind if your storage needs might scale out past anticipated levels. A good problem to have.

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