Gawker Hack Exposes Need for Stronger Passwords

John Storts
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Safe Password Tips

Five aspects of good password management that employees should know.

When hackers infiltrated Gawker Media's content management system just a few weeks ago, they stole and then exposed the site's source code, internal employee conversations and names, passwords and e-mail addresses belonging to staff members and nearly 200,000 users.


Along with revealing all this sensitive data, they also exposed Gawker users as having terrible habits when it comes to creating passwords for accessing and commenting on Gawker sites. The Wall Street Journal reports that the top three passwords used were "123456," "password," and "12345678."


Obviously, it wouldn't take a hacker much effort or technical prowess to guess those and access personal information. And, if these users also applied these extremely weak passwords across other sites (like those for banking, for example), this bad practice can have very serious consequences.


Don't let a weak password compromise your privacy and information security. Check out these resources to help your organization promote the creation of stronger passwords and protect personal and business info:

Protecting Your Passwords

Sample Password Policy

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