Facebook Saves Teenager from Jail Time

Patrick Avery

In addition to keeping in touch with friends, it turns out that Facebook can possibly get you out of jail. Teenager Rodney Bradford was charged with robbery in the first degree and sent to Rikers Island, home of the New York City jail, after he was suspected of mugging two people at gunpoint, according to CNN. He was even picked out in a lineup by one of the victims.


But those charges were soon dropped after it was discovered that one minute before the robbery took place, Bradford updated his Facebook status at his father's home in Harlem. The robbery took place 12 miles away in Brooklyn.


IT Business Edge editor Lora Bentley says in her latest post that a Facebook update would most likely not always prove to be an airtight alibi. In this case, prosecutors were able to contact Facebook and get data to confirm that Bradford did in fact make a status update from father's home one minute before the robbery occurred.


Bentley also points out that it's possible someone could have worked in concert with Bradford to access his account and post an update in his place. So while it appears this case is closed, some might not be completely convinced of Bradford's innocence. Facebook, for its part, said it was glad that it was "able to serve as a constructive part of the judicial process."


What do you think about this criminal mystery?


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