Enterprise iPhone Security Still an Issue

Patrick Avery

For many businesses looking to incorporate iPhones into their workplace environment - some even hoping that they supplant laptops and desktops as their primary communications and productivity tool - the mobile device's security measures have always raised a red flag. Even with the release of its OS 3.1, which includes new anti-phishing software, iPhone security is still questioned, IT Business Edge contributor Carl Weinschenk says.


Many experts suggest using encryption as a means to secure the iPhone, but that still has issues, says Weinschenk.


Despite these concerns, many businesses have forged ahead with using iPhones as a productivity tool. Author Ryan Faas even wrote a book targeted at professionals using the iPhone in the workplace. An excerpt of his book, "iPhone at Work: Increasing Productivity for Busy Professionals," is found in the Knowledge Network. In an interview with Faas, he told me that Apple is slowly taking more steps to properly secure the iPhone.


For those looking into using the iPhone for work, check out the document "The Corporate iPhone - A Cautionary Checklist." IT Business Edge contributor Michael Stevens has uploaded this checklist to the Knowledge Network. It lists the 10 iPhone areas of concern companies should investigate before including the smartphone as a corporate productivity tool.


Here is what Stevens' checklist has to say about security:


"iPhone security is problematic at best, and at this writing simply isn't adequate for situations where sensitive information is involved. The newest software (3.0) has added a remote wipe capability, a big step forward. Version 3.0 also has hardware-based encryption, but industry experts have given this feature low marks due to work-arounds that enable hacking, even by individuals with moderate skill."


Stayed tuned to IT Business Edge for updates on how OS 3.1 is addressing security concerns.


For discussion on uses of the iPhone in the workplace, click here.

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