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Five Facts Facebook Should Know About Privacy

If the company would remember these five things about privacy, its execs might not shudder at the mere mention of the word.

Even though many of us probably suffer from serious cases of "Facebook privacy controversy fatigue," with the recent revelation that third-party developers had sold Facebook user data in violation of Facebook's own rules,it doesn't seem that we'll get a time to convalesce any time soon. With Facebook only doling out what amounts to wrist slaps to the offenders, their policy to beg for forgiveness continues unabated.


IT departments wanting to avoid similar problems when it comes to information privacy should consider creating a document that builds in protections from the beginning, rather than hastily developing solutions after the outcry reaches full volume.


IT Business Edge partner Info-Tech Research Group recently contributed just such a document to the Knowledge Network. The Project Privacy Checklist gives IT departments a way to quickly determine if appropriate measures are being taken to make sure that information collected by services, projects or other offerings remains private. While not connected to any specific privacy legislation, the checklist includes a variety of established privacy requirements.


After customizing the checklist and running it by your legal counsel, use it to ensure that your department can demonstrate proof of information privacy and comply with applicable legislation.


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