Energy-Saving Tips Target Data Centers

Patrick Avery

IT Business Edge contributor Michael Vizard is seeking the answer to the question, "what are the simple things that IT organizations can do today to conserve energy?" More specifically, short of building a new data center, what are some of the best ways of making an existing data center more energy efficient?


One of our readers, Julius Neudorfer, has already chimed in with his thoughts. Here are a few of his points.


  • On the power side, if you are using 120V at the rack, consider increasing the voltage to 208V. It is usually available at the power distribution panel and it can improve energy efficiency by 3 - 5 percent.


  • On the cooling side, consider optimizing airflow to avoid mixing hot and cold air. Blanking panels are by far the simplest, cost-effective, and most misunderstood item that can improve cooling efficiency.


  • It has always been the "rule" to use 68 to 70 F as a set point to maintaining the "correct" temperature in a data center. While each manufacturer is different, most servers will operate fine at 75 F at the intake, so long as there is adequate airflow.


Do you agree with these suggestions? Please add your thoughts in the discussion forum.


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