Encourage 'Virtual First' Server Purchases with Procurement Policy

John Storts
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Top 10 Benefits of Virtualization

Virtualization has taken a firm hold at most enterprises these days, but the fact is we've only just begun to unleash the true potential of the technology.

If you want to make sure that virtualization options are considered when purchasing servers for your data center, then you should create a policy that ensures that those options are fully explored before buying.


To encourage city departments to look at virtualization if they haven't already, and to push those that have already begun the move to virtual servers to continue expansion in that direction, the City and County of San Francisco Committee on Information Technology (COIT) created the Virtual First Server Procurement Policy. This policy is part of the city's ongoing mission to increase its IT resource efficiency and capabilities. The committee sees virtualization as a way to decrease the data center footprint and use energy more efficiently, as well as to improve the stability, flexibility and scalability of city systems.


Use the policy set forth by COIT as an example of how you can promote server virtualization in your data center.


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