Effective Meetings Save Time, Money...Sanity

John Storts
Good meetings are three-fourths preparation and one-fourth theater. -from Gail Godwin

Meetings can be every bit as tedious and inefficient as they are essential to and convenient for business communication. Perhaps you are new to chairing meetings and want to make a professional, in-command impression among invitees. Maybe you've endured one too many overlong board meetings where the more, ahem, verbose held sway far past the meeting objective. You may have even discovered that the goal of the meeting has been obscured by a lack of preparedness ... or too much theater. Ineffective meetings can be frustrating in several ways, but worse than that, they waste valuable time and money.


Regardless of your entry point into the wonderful world of meeting dynamics, the Knowledge Network strives to bring you resources to help you develop effective meeting strategies, build value into your sessions, and make the most of everyone's precious time.


Knowledge Network Content to Help You Have Better Meetings

Conducting Productive Meetings

How to Conduct Better Meetings

Detailed Project Planning Flow Chart

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