Dragon Dictate Tames the Muse by Letting You Control Your Computer by Voice

John Storts
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Have you ever felt like your creative impulse is stymied by not-so-hot typing skills? Do you have a condition that prevents you from typing on a conventional keyboard? Maybe you just want to have another way to jot down notes, compose documents, compile reports or organize your to-do lists while freeing up your hands for other tasks. Dragon Dictate 2.5, developed by Nuance Communications, is a speech recognition application that allows you to input text by speaking so your bright ideas won't be lost, whatever the reason (while Dictate is for Mac, don't feel left out, PC fans: there are versions for you, too).


Dragon Dictate uses your voice to produce content, whatever the purpose, and does so accurately (definitely better than previous versions, in my experience), quickly, and easily - up to three times faster than typing, Nuance claims. The main benefits of the software:


  • Remove the keyboard from the creativity and productivity equation, letting you talk instead of typing
  • Transform your ideas to text so that you can import into a variety of applications, including word processors, email programs and note-taking apps (like Evernote)
  • Customize the app with personal vocabulary and voice commands that correspond to the type (no pun) of work you do
  • Control your computer by voice: launch and perform tasks


In my own case, due to a medical event that makes typing a long, slow process, I've found that Dragon Dictate lessens my frustration and shortens the time that I need for writing blog posts, emails and brainstorming new leads.


Even though I was drawn to the app because of my situation, I still highly recommend it as a tool for IT professionals and other digital "creatives" for getting your content out there without the need for a keyboard. This complex-yet-simple-to-use program is particularly useful if you are one of the growing legions of mobile worker; Nuance also has an app, Dragon Dictation, for that - for the ubiquitous iPad (it works for iPhone and iPod touch).


And, forget about talk being cheap; Dragon Dictation for iPad is absolutely free.

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