Discover the 'Unwritten Rules' for Getting C-level Promotion

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Six Strategies for Tech Professionals Looking for a New Position

According to executive coach John Beeson, those who've been turned down for an upper-echelon position within a company often grouse that the promotion of a rival seemed arbitrary or, worse, the result of favoritism.


Of course, in the worst cases, this can be true, but in many instances it's due to the fact that career paths are less distinct than they used to be in many companies.


Additionally, the decision-making process at higher levels is often based more on the intuition of those involved as to a candidate's potential for success. As a result, many managers who aspire to C-level roles often have no clear understanding why they aren't chosen and no useful information to align themselves with requirements for the job.


Beeson deciphers the code inherent in that intuitive decision-making process in his book "The Unwritten Rules: The Six Skills You Need to Get Promoted to the Executive Level." He parses the leadership criteria involved, examining the core selection factors crucial for success in C-level roles, and provides stories from managers who successfully climbed the corporate ladder.


If you're a manager who'd like to learn what it takes to move up, check out the excerpt,"Deciphering the Code," from Beeson's book in our Knowledge Network.


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